Bill Cosby Is NOT Ready For Camera With Rape Allegations

Bill Cosby Epic Meme Fail

Bill Cosby Epic Meme Fail

When Bill Cosby encourage Twitter uses to ‘meme’ him, he was probably trying to participate in the youthful environment of social media – in hopes of accelerating the word-of-mouth marketing of his current comedy tour. Unfortunately, the internet is not only a super highway of communication and ping-pong, gossip side-talk – but its users can be unpredictably straightforward – relishing a ‘comedy-roast’ style comedic wit and ‘SNL News Update’ skewering.

Allegedly, because of this quick and disastrous change in tone, Bill Cosby has cancelled his David Letterman interview and most likely many other media events to come. It is sad, but very typical in today’s new sensational media landscape. Bill, we thank you for all the comedy you have given us, but right now, the rape allegation hurricane is storming, and anyone with such allegations will have to stay out of the bright dot-com spotlight.

– Ready For Camera

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