Inspiring Video of Nevada Cattle Ranchers vs. United States Federal Government

Does it still hurt the troops abroad if the Federal Government harasses cattle ranchers in Nevada and they are not blindly supported there by the people?



It has never made much sense why it is ‘Unamerican’ to question ‘Federal Policy,’ but that’s the way things were during the Bush era. When you Watch This Video of ‘Feds Surrending To U.S. Citizens’, you realize times have changed.

So now the big question is, when is it appropriate to ignore the laws you deem unfair, but uphold and more importantly ‘harass your fellow neighbor to lock-step’ and follow others? There are many hot button issues that can fall within this debatable spectrum and based on the variety of people comments on pages and blogs, there is a lot up for debate.

Keep those controversial videos coming, America!

– Ready 4 Camera

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