You Stay Classy, America

Appearing to be credible is paramount to retaining actual knowledge. Cue cards provide the words, make-up makes you look good and wardrobe maintains your outward fashion sense. If you memorize the lines and speak carefully, you can chisel the words of the message into the minds of your viewers. Becoming unstoppable, the marble statue you are, comes to life – bringing the news.

Television hosts and interviewers bring their “A” game, regardless of who or what they are working with, or against. With today’s media savvy audience, the presentation must be slick to satisfy their gladiatorial thirst. Get them quick, fast, and clean. Collect the grace of the samurai, and slay them with your good diction.

Don’t fool yourself, because they won’t put you on. But if that glint sparkles on your eye tooth before commercial, the profits will roll in, and it will be Christmas for everyone in the studio. Do your best, or pack up your crap and get out.

You Stay Classy, America.

– Ready 4 Camera

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